Preschool Math

We incorporate a lot of Montessori math into our preschooling days.  There are lots of great websites, but Living Montessori Now is a wonderful place to start as Deb has compiled ideas from all around the web. I also play lots of board games that require counting, we jump and play and sing about numbers. Here are some of the math activities we did a couple of weeks ago. I had this set to post, but am only just sharing it now.

Fly Swatter Math: ED had to swat the number as fast as possible.

Mini Golf Math: I put some numbers on a set of ping pong balls and taped some cups to the floor. ED had to identify the number before she was allowed to hit the ball into the matching cup. Of course the older kids wanted a go as well, so DD doubled the number and LD squared the number before hitting it in.

Math Heart Toss Game: I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but we played a round of this game almost every day last week. The kids simply tossed an eraser on this giant heart and identified the number. If your child is ready you could have him identify whether it is odd or even, add one to the number,  have him double the number and so forth. 

Identifying Teen Numbers: ED is just now learning her teen numbers.  We’ve been working hard on the concept of 1 ten-one (11), 1-ten two (12) and so forth. We’re still working with the packet I made practicing with the tens board.  You can download your own set of animal pictures, tens board and numbers here.

Here she simply putting the teen numbers in order and then we played another quick fly swatter game!

Math Maze:

Maze was from 2 Teaching Mommies

This was a cute counting idea shared over at Our Country Road:

ED announced a week or two ago that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up.  Hearing that, I realized it was time to start revisiting a lot of our past science experiments. I set out the simple Magnetic or Not Magnetic activity for her.

With ED’s interest and enjoyment in science I’ve decided to revisit some easy science experiments and incorporate those into our homeschool week. I’ll be posting about those in the coming weeks, but if you’re itching to do some you can visit the “Science Experiment” category in my sidebar as we did a lot of science experiments with LD and DD when they were this age.

Back when I was working with my son when he was four, I read a lot about the Montessori method. I found these albums a wonderful resource for teaching preschoolers about culture, geography and a science. I still use a lot of this curriculum in working with my kids today.  I’ll be posting a bit more about ED’s geography work in another day or so.

But to be honest the majority of ED’s preschool time simply entails playing, doing crafts, and playing with our dog and cat. Keep this in mind whenever you read a post about something intriguing that ED has done… the activity probably only took five or ten minutes then she ran off to play again!

 The thing I found so endearing about this picnic scene is that ED had carefully written out an invitation for us to come to the picnic (in green, just lots of letters carefully written).

What have you been up to with your preschooler?

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