Preschool Life

I feel like I haven’t written a long post about ED’s preschool work in forever. That’s because she’s been such an integral part of all our latest activities. She did all the owl crafts in our forest unit, did the dissection of the owl pellet. She takes notes and writes out her letters when the kids are taking notes on their science activities. She gets her own lapbook pages and carefully cuts things out.  (I’ll be posting about our astronomy unit over the next couple of weeks.) She’s right in there doing all our experiments and INSISTS (I say with a smile!) on being a part of everything!  She is right there snuggling with Mom to read during independent reading time. We tend to go over letters and letter sounds while snuggling (not as a separate activity at the moment) because we’re spending a lot of time “SMASHING” sounds together (with a dramatic clap… “kuh…”–“Aaaa…ttttt”” “CAT!”) All that makes for very dry posts I suppose!

So here is ED diligently writing out the answers on this science page. I tell her the letter (sometimes remind her what it looks like) and she writes them down!

Some of the time ED just finds her own things to do.  At this moment I was playing  Bump-Division with LD.  ED took the erasers and carefully separated them all into different categories!

ED also has her own black notebook. She LOVES coloring pages and I keep that topped up (as much as I can!) with new pages. So, when the others grab their spelling, science or math notebooks, ED also runs over to check out what’s new in her 3-ring binder! I love the bright colors she uses. Below is a collage of some of her latest creations.  In fact, just this morning she was coloring the two new “pokemon” coloring pages in the bottom  left of the picture!

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