Writing: Super Sentences

In collection (our morning group time) we talked about building super sentences. I used some materials I got from the Teacher Filebox (a subscription site that gives you access to most of the Evan Moor books from writing and reading to science and history).  This was a great activity for DD and good review for LD (ages 6 and 8).

First we looked at a simple sentence.  
   The frog hopped.
Then we added an adjective.
   The Grey Treefrog hopped.
Then we added a prepositional phrase.
   The Grey Treefrog hopped along the forest floor.

Next we did some sorting with one of the Evan Moor literacy center activities.  We sorted strips into

  • Who (subject)
  • Did what? (verb/action of the sentence)
  • When?
  • Where?

This created some silly sentences and the kids enjoyed this. This activity was actually on the challenging side for DD so we’ll definitely repeat this.

Then we pulled out their writing notebooks and off they went to create their own sentences. The kids were happy to write and had lots and lots of ideas.

To the left are a few other pages I’ve printed out for DD (click on the photo to see an enlargement).
PS: If you are interested in the Evan Moor products and want to get a subscription, be sure to do it through the homeschool buyer’s co-op because they give you big discounts (usually 30% off). I think I paid $70. Remember you can thoroughly checkout the Teacher Filebox to see if it would suit you and your family by clicking preview on a specific activity, you just won’t be able to print anything. This is the link to the Evan Moor website so you can see the types of books and materials they have created (literacy centers, Take it To Your Seat centers, history pockets, literature pockets and so forth). I have found it to be a great resource because any one individual book is usually $16-$25.  For a family like ours that often builds our own curriculum it truly is useful (I’ve used it for preschool, history, science and now writing), though if you use a set curriculum it might not be worth it. I also noticed their products are at currclick but they seem pricey at $2.39-3.19 for just 2 or 3 pages (and of those, just one that your child would probably use).

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