Writing a Novel — Elementary

Last year my sister’s three homeschooled kids each wrote a novel. I hope to get a chance to read their work when we visit them. Her kids are 8, 11 and 13. Amazing!

It’s not yet our season for writing things like that, but someone in one of the groups I visit shared this link for kids who plan to write their first novel.  Here is the elementary “Young Novelist” workbook. It looks great! Here is the link to the writing workbooks for all three levels (elementary, middle and high school).  As I said, this is early for us, but wanted to share in case some of you have older kids or kids who write especially well.

PS–Just a note about my sister and her family.  As some of you may recall, my sister and brother-in-law lost their house and all contents in a flood in Nashville, TN a bit over a year ago.  They decided to buy instead of rebuild (at least for the moment).  They bought a 30 acre farm with a huge lake.  We can’t wait to visit them in their new abode!!

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