Counting Coins Math (DD age 5)

DD has been working a lot with coins and counting change recently.

Coin Toss and Change Counting

There’s nothing wildly original about his idea, but boy did the kids like this activity!  I just took a big handful of coins (the same for each of the kids). They took turns throwing the coins into the heart cups and then had to count their change when they had tossed all of their coins.  I used 15 pennies, 7 nickles, 4 dimes and 2 quarters. We’ve played this over and over (I’ve added more and more money to make the counting more challenging)!

Coin Exchange Game:
Shari Sloane’s Coin Exchange Sheet  DD enjoyed this activity. We’ve done this several times.

Money War Cards DD often just uses these as money flash cards, but boy has she become comfortable counting up her change!

By the way, they are working with coins over at Adventures of Bear.  Be sure to check out her wonderful blog.

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