This and That — Math

 Math Monster:  I spread out various cards for the kids — multiplication problems for LD, addition problems for DD and letters to identify for ED.  I’m the math monster and try to tag the kids. If they don’t have a card they are frozen, if they have a card and can answer correctly they can go free (if they answer incorrectly they’re frozen as well). They can be unfrozen by a free teammate.  The object is for me to freeze all three of them to win the game. They love this!

 Montessori multiplication board: LD has been working on his multiplication tables for some time now (up through the 6s).  We pulled out the Montessori board to give that visible representation of multiplication again.  LD absolutely LOVED this (I guess it’s been too long since I’ve pulled it out for him to work with!) We also talked about squaring numbers 2 squared is 4, 3 squared is 9, etc. — and we showed this visually on the multiplication board.

Then we filled out a multiplication table together. We skip counted (and filled out the table). He loved how the table skip counts both horizontally and vertically.  Then we studied a printed multiplication table.

Meanwhile DD has been playing some math games to practice with money, but I guess I haven’t taken pictures of those!

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