Sunflower Lapbook

DD made a sunflower lapbook. I finally have a few minutes to share her work here.

She colored the front page and decided she didn’t want a title on the front cover so I added it into the photo digitally.

I purchased this Sunflower Unit Study/Lapbook on currclick.  It was $1.00 (USdol) — and was totally worth it since both DD and I learned a lot of new information.  You can see the various components of the lapbook in the pictures below.

I also printed out a sunflower booklet from communication4all. That website also has posters of parts of the plant or flower, a booklet about how beans grow, and sunflower numbers and letters (which we didn’t use).
What Plants Need booklet on left above is from communication4all.
 DD is growing her own sunflowers (in the middle pot above).

We read a number of books about sunflowers and plants in general, but Sunflower House by Eve Bunting really captured the kids’ imagination.  We might even try to grow our own sunflower house.  We’ll see!

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