Skip Counting by 3s and 4s — Active Math Game

LD continues to work on his first multiplication tables from 1s to 6s — with lots of skip counting along the way.  Today I had him working on 4s mostly. It has been quite a long time since we’ve done active math games outside and we had a reprieve in the weather. So we set up a chalk math snail again. LD had to multiply each number by 4.  DD had to add 2 to each number. And I helped ED shout out each number as she jumped from square to square.

I got this idea from a very old book published in Australia called 100 Playground Markings and Games by Rhonda Farkota.  It was so old (c1986) and beat up that the library where we used to live in central Australia let me buy it for a dollar but it has great outdoor games!

I was just messing around with embedding a google document. This is just a simple skip-counting worksheet I had LD do today. I doubt anyone would much be interested because it’s not especially sophisticated, but I’ve learned a bit trying to work this out. The numbers get all mashed together in this small window, but as you can see it just has him write the missing numbers. The simple skip counting worksheet is located here.

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  1. We do LOTS of school outside with chalk (when we are not buried in snow), I LOVE your math snail, I am so going to use this as soon as we thaw!I used to make an alphabet catipillar for my son when he was little.Kerry

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