Indian Corn Science — update

Some time back, I shared our Indian corn activity. It’s now growing quite tall in big pots at the end of our dining room table!

So here’s the corn after about 1 week of being watered.

After a while we decided to plant the corn in some empty flower pots.

The corn grew steadily.
And now it’s about 12-15 inches high!
Unfortunately, the corn cob attracted lots of fruit flies.  I learned from Flylady that you can get rid of fruit flies by covering a cup with glad wrap and sticking a paper funnel (I used an index card) through the wrap.  The fruit flies are smart enough to crawl down in, but can’t get out because they fly to the highest point (up to the glad wrap) and are stuck in there! The Indian corn cob is gone and hopefully the fruit flies will be gone shortly too!
You can see a little critter crawling down the funnel!

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