The Purple Strip

For those of you who know much about Montessori, you’ll recognize “The Black Strip.” This is an impressionistic activity that is meant to impress kids with the enormity of time on earth.  Our version was the purple ribbon strip — and it is only 21 feet (as my ribbon ream was 7 yards!).  But it still shows how very little time we humans have been on earth.  I’m showing you a picture of our long ribbon (that includes all of “human history” in a mere 1/2 inch)… Of course, this worked best when I snaked it through the house and we had to RUN RUN RUN to the human portion of our timeline!! I can still hear the giggles that echoed through the house!

I promised hubby I’d be just a few minutes, so I’m going to save our actual geologic timeline and activities for another post tomorrow.

Oh–and changing subjects drastically — today I finally created our compost pile and laid a short path to get to it.  Hooray!  As always my Dad was an amazing source of information about gardening.  And armed with more information from my Dad,  I just ordered 10 blueberry bushes which will be sent when the planting season is right (about two weeks from now). [In the US, you can order them from]  I’ve dreamed of having blueberry bushes again for years as I grew up with a lovely garden of blueberries (thanks Dad/Grandpa!!).  Yum!!

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