Science Center Monday: M&M Color Mixing Experiments

Experiment 4: (above)

Take drops of food dye/water and drop two colors onto
a piece of coffee filter. What happens when the following
colors mix?
blue-green, etc.

Experiment 5: (below)

Pour water into a white screw top lid. Add four M&Ms;,
one each of red, yellow, green and blue.

Make a prediction. What do you think will happen when
the colors meet?


**When the colors meet, they will form a solid line (at
least at first until the water is disturbed, someone eats
an M&M; or until enough time passes.

This is because the sugar is dissolving off all of the M&Ms.;
Where the food dye meets, the concentration of sugar is
the same and the sugar/food dye will stop moving outward.

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