Science Center Monday — M&M Color Experiments

Experiment 1:

Add a teaspoonful of sugar to water. Stir. Observe.

What happens when you add sugar to water? What happens when you add several more teaspoons?

Experiment 2:

Cut (or bite) an M&M; in half. What do you see?

We talked about the three layers —
the outer layer which was colored
a small thin layer of white (more of the sugar-outer coating)

Experiment 3:

Pour water into a white screw top lid. Place an M&M; in the water. Observe.

The food dye comes off and slowly moves to the outer edges. Even after the layer of coating with food dye comes off, sugar continues to dissolve and push the food dye/sugar to the edges. We could clearly see the streaking as sugar continued to dissolve.

(Then the table got jostled and ED ate our experiment.)

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