Rhythm Cards

I thought I’d explain how I use the rhythm
cards in case you are wondering. I use this

quarter note=ta
half note= ta 2
dotted half note= ta 2 3
whole note= ta 2 3 4
2 eighth notes= ti-ti

I would say the card aloud, the kids repeat.

Once the kids are proficient, you can add
clapping and/or rhythm sticks.

I’ll give you examples of how I would “say” the cards:

(Others might not do it this way, but this works for us.)

1) ta ta ta shh
2) ta 2 ta shh
3) ta 2 3 ta

1) ti-ti ti-ti ta ti-ti
2) ta ti-ti ti-ti ta
2) ti-ti shh ti-ti ta

1) ta ti-ti ta 2
2) ta 2 3 ti-ti
3) ti-ti shh shh ta

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