Spaghetti Art

For this activity we needed cooked spaghetti (we used
fettuccine), bits of yarn or string and glue. We had one
bowl of plain glue, and a bowl of glue + red food coloring
another with glue/yellow and another with glue/green.

This activity worked best when I had them use a fork.
My kids didn’t dip it in well enough to get a lot of glue.
They really needed to stir it around a bit (and they were
reluctant to put their hands in the glue to push the string
or spaghetti down in). They then dumped the glue covered
spaghetti or yarn onto a plastic plate, criss-crossing the

Let it all dry overnight. It will dry hard and firm and
you’ll be able to pop it off the plate. Put a piece of yarn
through one of the loops and you can hang it up. (I’ll post
a picture of the finished product tomorrow!)

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