Sunflower School House Website (writing prompts)

Honey over at Sunflower School House always amazes me with the free downloads she provides.  She has had some website problems and has redesigned her website.  I was over their taking a look when I had a moment this morning.  She has a First Creativity Journal that has writing assignments that will be perfect for LD. [Scroll down her download list, it’s in alphabetical order.]  I’ll definitely use those along with some of the other resources we have.  Thank you, Honey!

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  1. Fishbait says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments about my website. Was it the – My First Creative Writing Journal – that you downloaded? I am glad that you like it and can use it.

  2. Honey says:

    Sorry, I was logged in under my husband's account…

  3. Yes it was! Thanks again, Honey!

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