Monthly Archive: November 2009

Human Body 0

Human Body

While ED and DD painted, LD wanted to workon his body — no weight lifting involved! He laydown on the paper and I did a rough outline ofhis body. Then he put together the bone puzzlefrom a book that Grams gave us.

Organs 0


We looked at the organs in the human body in thebook that Grams gave us and I penciled them inlightly on outline pictures of the kids’ bodies (bythis time DD wanted her outline done — and thenED immediately lay down on the paper and wantedhers done too!) I suggested to LD that he colorthe organs in (the book had them colored). Heoutlined them instead. DD and ED spent a lot...

Our Thankful Tree 0

Our Thankful Tree

We’ve been reading, learning and doing activities relatedto (American) Thanksgiving this week. I found a tree thatlights up at the discount store (Mad Harry’s, which soundslike it’s like the “Dollar Tree” I always hear about online). Anyway, this week I printed out some leaves on differentcolored paper. The kids had to think about what theywere thankful for. Each day I wrote down one or two oftheir ideas on a leaf...

Thanksgiving Activities — Learning about Native Americans 0

Thanksgiving Activities — Learning about Native Americans

Living where we do, our kids really don’t hear orlearn much about Native Americans. (On the otherhand, we have learned a lot on Aboriginal culture.)Anyway, this week I introduced them to some ofthe Native American tribes (in a VERY basic way). We read The Magic Tree House: Buffalo BeforeBreakfast. We watched the buffalo hunting scenein the movie, Dances With Wolves. And we pulledout some of the Native American items we...

Making Dream Catchers 0

Making Dream Catchers

LD and DD were especially intrigued by the dream catcher.They decided they wanted to make one of their own. Theyeach wrapped yarn around a clothes hanger wire that Ihad shaped into a circle. LD worked very hard (and lateinto the night I might add!) and did his without any parentalhelp. He was very proud of his work. He also tied all theknots on the spider’s web (we haven’t worked much...

Turkey Math Game 0

Turkey Math Game

The kids have really enjoyed this game this week. I gotthe turkey print outs from . I used somecraft cubes and wrote numbers on the dice 0-5 on twoand 6-11 on the others. It was good practice countingfor my preschooler. I made the spinner using a templateonline which I printed on cardstock and glued on cardboard.I put a brad through (it’s sticking up a bit) and used one ofthe...

Dino Blast Game 0

Dino Blast Game

The other game we played this week was an odd-evengame called Dino Math Blast also from dice were craft cubes. I used blue, green and yellowcubes and wrote the numbers 0-5, 6-11 and 12-17. Thefirst player rolled the die of the color space they werecurrently on. If the number was odd the odd dinosaurmoved ahead one space, if the number was even theeven dinosaur moved ahead. Then it was...

Baking 0


I put a recipe for DD in her workbox thisweek. It was an easy recipe to make “acorncookies.” DD had other ideas, though, andwanted to make gingerbread men. We didthat instead (though I have no picture ofthe actual gingerbread men because theywere the first to get eaten!). Then I had alate night call from my sister and made theacorn cookies myself. It was lovely kickingback and having a tea and...

Other Activities 0

Other Activities

This week our reading related to Thanksgiving (manyof my read alouds were Thanksgiving books) and LDread a number of Thanksgiving stories and readers. We’ve been busy with all the kids’ outside activities: Kindergym, Tues mornings — mostly for ED but LD’sfriend stays home from school, so he gets to hang outwith his friend all morning. We go early because I helpset up each week, hauling all the mats and equipmentout...

Games for Writing 0

Games for Writing

Peggy Kaye’s books have been a WONDERFUL additionto our homeschooling curriculum. LD is not thrilled aboutwriting, but using ideas like this one from Peggy Kaye’sbooks have made a HUGE difference to the enjoymentand pleasure he gets out of writing. I got this ideafrom Games for Writing and LD is tickled by the sillysentences that he’s had to write like this one: A robot sang a song in the White House...