Thanksgiving Activities — Learning about Native Americans

Living where we do, our kids really don’t hear or
learn much about Native Americans. (On the other
hand, we have learned a lot on Aboriginal culture.)
Anyway, this week I introduced them to some of
the Native American tribes (in a VERY basic way).

We read The Magic Tree House: Buffalo Before
We watched the buffalo hunting scene
in the movie, Dances With Wolves. And we pulled
out some of the Native American items we have.
Some of the items I have from my childhood (like
the sand paintings), some are from a close friend
who collects Native American artifacts professionally,
some are from relatives who traveled to Alaska and
elsewhere, and some are from a continent-box swap
we did with another family earlier this year.

The kids loved looking at all the items and that
quickly led to another project… scroll on to the next
post for more on that!

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