MATH IDEAS PART II: (Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication)

MATH IDEAS PART II: (Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication)

TIME: One activity we did quite a bit was to take a blank clock face (no numbers) and to practice putting the hours (1-12) around the edge of the clock in the correct spot. Once that was easy for my son, we took a clock with the numerals and then put the five minute increments around the edge of the clock. :05, :10, :15… up to :55.

Here’s an online game my son  does to practice matching the digital time with the analog time



Straw/Beans — practice making bundles of 10

Go to the Bank — Give a heap of tiles (beans, whatever) 60-90 or so.  Have the child count out group 10 tiles and take it to the bank to trade for a Popsicle stick.  Do this until he/she can’t count out 10 any more. Have him/her tell parent the total (6 Popsicle sticks, 4 left over =64). Parent counts tiles to check the answer.
Math Stacking Cups — using little plastic cups (the size of medicine cups) place the numerals 0 through 9 on them with stickers (I have about 20 cups).  Race to make pyramids with 4 digit, 3 digit, 2 digit and 1 digit numbers.  For example give the following numbers 3, 17, 296, 4058 and have the child stack them as fast as possible reading out the numbers properly (four thousand fifty-eight, etc.)

Place Value File Folder Game:

Sunny Side Up — a dice game for learning single and double digits. I won’t put the directions here; I don’t want this posting to be too long.


Right now we are using a lot of Montessori Math materials for practicing place value (printing out purple dots in single units, groups of ten, squares of 100 and then I put 10 of the 100s together with a brad to represent the thousands place).

Here’s the site where I got a lot of my free math manipulatives (purple beads) from

I got the Stamp Cards (1 units, 10s, 100s, 1000s for practicing place value here — just print them out on colored paper). My numerals were bought from Right Start math, but you can print them out from Montessori Materials here:

MONEY — We work with US coins because there is a penny (1 cent) coin

CANDY STORE GAME: One activity that has been a big hit has been the candy store. You can print out these cards and have your kids shop for candy (with real coins). Printables are at this website:


ROBIN HOOD — Playing Cards have coin stickers(a quarter, a dime and a penny, etc.). I made them up using coin stickers from Oriental Trading. Each player puts down a card the person with the LEAST amount of money is Robin Hood and gets to take the “rich” person’s money.

MULTIPLICATION Sea Lion File Folder Game — X2 and X3

**TIMEZ ATTACK — There is an AMAZING, free video game called Timez Attack for kids who are learning their times tables. You can download it free at   It’s well worth taking the video tour to get a feel for the game:

MATH JOURNAL — once a week I include a math-related writing activity in his writing journal (example 1: draw me a picture that includes one circle, one square; example 2: draw out this word problem — Max has 6 ice cream cones and drops one; Jill has three ice cream cones but drops two. How many ice cream cones do they have total now?)


Here are some links for making your own tangram puzzles. I cut mine out of foam board.

tangram puzzle pieces

I cut out the tangran puzzles from these webpages and put
them together with a key ring:
abstract designs–

RightStart Math Card Games Kit —;=12  I just LOVE these ideas!
Family Math for Young Children by Jean Kerr Stenmark
Family Math by Jean Kerr Stenmark
DinoMath Tracks Game
Addition War
Sunny Side Up Dice Game
Math Mat

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