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US-landmarks-mapwork 6

This is the United States–Unit Study of Landmarks and Symbols

We have been working steadily on our USA landmarks and symbols unit study. This is a unit that doesn’t lend itself as well to pictures since I have pulled it together using history resources I have on hand. The kids each have a notebook and we’ve been adding to it steadily. Funny enough, LD has said he LOVES history and has been really into this unit.  That amazes me a...

Free Life Science Curriculum (early elementary) 2

Free Life Science Curriculum (early elementary)

I just learned about a science website called The Lab of Mr. Q. Wow! What a find!  This 8th grade science teacher created a science curriculum for the young elementary ages.  He offers the Life Science student and parent texts for FREE!  His Life Science curriculum includes these units: 1) Basic Needs 2) Biomes 3) Life Cycles 4) Classification 5) Food Webs 6) Senses 7) Body Organs 8) Cells 9)...

Animal-Habitat-Game 2

Animal Habitat, Animal Tracks Game

This is an Animal Track and Animal Habitat Game that I brought out for the today. When DD saw the science center set up today, she said she wanted to do more rain forest stuff instead. We hadn’t yet played the animal tracks game (affiliate link) and this was perfect! Each player spun the spinner. Then they had to guess which animal habitat the animal lived in and had a...

Lizard Skin 0

Lizard Skin

We’ve seen lots of snakes skins at the ReptileCentre, but hadn’t ever seen a lizard skin. Ourreadings about reptiles talked about how lizardsshed their skins whole. Today we were excitedto find a nearly complete lizard skin (about 6inches/15cm long) floating in the water. It’s so great when nature reinforces our homelearning!! Yes, LD wanted to take it home and yes(of course) I let him. Sometimes I’m more excitedthan the kids!...

Vertebrates: Birds (3-part cards and bird videos) 2

Vertebrates: Birds (3-part cards and bird videos)

Here are the bird cards I made (link to download is on the sidebar). There are smaller photos as well, but I wound up not using them (oh well), but they do tell you where these birds are located. Anyway, I chose these particular birds because I selected some short (3 to 8 minute long) videos from you-tube that I chose to show the kids. Today after sorting the five...

Reptiles 3-part card; Pin-map activity 8

Reptiles 3-part card; Pin-map activity

We’ve been reading lots of books on snakes, chameleons, lizards and various reptiles. We recently visited the Reptile Centre and yesterday visited the Desert Park which has a great selection of reptiles too. Did you know that you can easily tell a legless lizard from a snake? Lizards have ear slits and snakes don’t. Though, with the snakes we have here, I’m not sure I ever want to go close...

chameleon-craft-Eric-Carle-Style 1

Chameleon Craft (Animal Habitat Unit)

LD: orange chameleon, DD: pink chameleon, Mom: green chameleon, ED: multicolored chameleon. While on the hunt for Eric Carle craft ideas, I went to visit two of my favorite art websites: Deep Space Sparkle and Art Projects for Kids. Art Projects for kids showed a very cute picture of a chameleon. We read this book by Eric Carle: The Mixed-Up Chameleon. (affiliate link) I had the kids watch the slide show at Eric Carle’s Website about...

Layers of the Rainforest Activity 0

Layers of the Rainforest Activity

After talking about the various layers of the rainforest and why animals would live in particular levels of the forest, the kids sorted the animal cards into the various layers. You can find lots of information online about the layers of the rainforest; I made my own cards and explanations. It’s available over in right sidebar downloads area if anyone’s interested. Please like & share:

Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work) 0

Rainforest Animal Habitat (3-part card work)

I don’t think I ever talked about the kids’ sorting of the rainforest animals. We have two packs of 3-part cards — the Amazon and the African rainforest animals. Both sets of cards are from the Montessori Print Shop for less than $2US each. As always, we started with our continent song and the general pin map of the 7 continents (not shown in the photos here). Then we looked...

World Biomes Pin Map and Pieces — Download Available 0

World Biomes Pin Map and Pieces — Download Available

This post is best viewed here. I’ve added pictures and updated this post!! World Biomes Pin Map – Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More I obtained permission to use the world biomes map and legend that I used to create our pin map. I went ahead and made downloadable pages for you to use. It is three pages long. The first page is the World Biomes Map and Legend,...

Rainforest-Plant-Activity 2

Rain Forest Plants Activity

Today I gathered up the various foods and spices that go along with the rain forest plant cards. The kids were intrigued and excited (“we get to TRY everything, right?!!”) To introduce the rain forests, we first did our world pin map (bottom right) and sang our continent song. Then we pulled out the biome pin map, placed the deciduous and coniferous forests (that we studied last week) and then...

Rain Forest Plant Cards 0

Rain Forest Plant Cards

So, here are the cards I made. I spent a long time lastnight trying to see if I could link a nice picture from Scribd,but had to give up. Here are some photos, though clickingon the links below or on the sidebar will give you the niceversion to download. I laminated my cards, sorry for the flash spots! Please like & share:

Animal-Track-Packet 2

Forest Animal Tracks

We’ve continued with our Forest Unit. Today, LD did this quick animal track sorting activity. The animal tracks in the top row go with the story, The Mitten (see our activities here). I got them from (a membership website). Update: More recently, my youngest was interested in studying animal tracks. I made a new packet of materials for her. This packet is available here: Animal Unit! ~Liesl Other related...