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Japan Unit: Zen Garden

Yesterday, I showed the kids a few pictures of Japanese Zen gardens before we settled in to make our own. We listened to a couple of beautiful Japanese pieces as we worked on our Zen gardens. We used sand and a few objects I had on hand for the kids (rocks, acorns, fake grass, pine cones).  We used forks instead of rakes. DD and ED wanted to do it again...

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First Instrument: Glockenspiel (and Japanese Folk Tale–Momotaro)

I have found the glockenspiel to be a wonderful first instrument for LD and DD. (LD has since moved on to the piano.) In our music classes, we are learning the basics of rhythm (quarter notes, eighth notes and the half note at this point).  And, I’ve introduced a few notes to the kids.  The first song DD learned on the glockenspiel was Bee, Bee Bumble Bee (to the tune...

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Japan: Geography, Music and Culture Unit (PreK; Grade 2)

The theme of our music class these next two or three weeks is Japan.  Each week we sang the continent song together.  This week, we pulled out a new kind of map, a Montessori flag map.  We learned where Japan was located and placed the flags we knew on the map.  Then everybody piled outside to do a scavenger hunt for Japanese flags. (from Japanese Flag printables) We then looked...