5 common homeschool mistakes to avoid

Back to Homeschool Challenge: Day 8

As we begin the year, don’t let any of these ruin your homeschool day…


Comparison – Every homeschool is unique.  Don’t worry about what your friends are doing. Don’t feel like your homeschool has to incorporate every project on Pinterest.  Don’t compare someone’s best day to your worst day.  Remember that when someone tells you about their homeschool day or writes about homeschooling online they are probably not telling the whole story! Know that there were parts of their day that did not go as planned. Parts of their day they wish had gone differently!

Letting time be eaten away – Make sure you have some clear boundaries for yourself and the kids – about electronics, answering the phone, doing one more chore, putting away just one more dish.  If you sit down at the computer, time is very likely to slip by too quickly. You don’t want to glance up and notice that an hour has gone by.  Dishes will wait, you can return a phone call in an hour. Be mindful and protect your homeschool time.

Being a slave to the curriculum — There are times when a particular curriculum won’t work.  Remember, no curriculum is perfect. A curriculum might work well with one child and not with another. Don’t be afraid to ditch the curriculum and turn to something different.

And on that same note, don’t feel like you have to cover “everything” in a certain time-frame.  No matter what, there will be holes in your kids’ education. Remember, you are helping them develop skills for life-long learning. If they don’t cover a certain topic, they will be just fine!

Curriculum plans and guidelines are just that… You can’t really be “behind” if your kids are learning and growing, so take your time covering the material, take those field trips.

Expecting perfection – The kids are going to bicker, fight, be tired, be moody.  You are going to feel sluggish, unmotivated, anxious… All of this is normal!!  Be kind to yourself and take some time to really know what your triggers are… Are you less patient when you don’t get enough sleep? Then make sleep a priority if you can.  Does it bother you when the kids fight over silly things… Try to anticipate the situations where they are likely to argue and get a set routine in place to try to avoid those.

Thinking you can do it all – Sometimes we get grand visions in our head that we’ll wake to baked bread every morning, dishes will be wisked away magically, the kids will be begging for the next amazing lesson… Ahh… wouldn’t that be nice? The reality is there is lot of give and take in homeschooling.

Homeschooling is a full-time job and when you add in all the other demands on our time… well, it’s definitely a challenge to get it all done.  Remember, when you choose to do one thing, you have made a choice NOT to do something else. Keep that in mind with all the plates you’ll be spinning this year!

Your back to homeschool challenge for Day 8

  • Keep a journal of the precious moments in your homeschool day. Find the reasons why your homeschool and your family really are the best, most precious things in the world!!
  • Set boundaries for yourself.
  • Know your triggers.
  • Get some help – from the kids, from your spouse, by hiring a baby-sitter every now and then… Homeschooling is wonderful, but only if you avoid becoming overwhelmed and burned out!

Have a great day! Happy Homeschooling!!

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