Morning with ED

ED and I always get up an hour or two before the others.  We cuddle up in front of the fire first thing and read books. We often do a craft to go along with it. I loved this picture because Crystal, the kitten, was so hands-on with this activity!!

We’ve also been playing lots of games together in the morning; Uno is her current favorite (though we usually play a couple of board games as well). It’s great for number recognition. She got this mini-Uno card set at a friend’s birthday party. Another current favorite is Blink.

The kids all enjoy playing this game, Old McDonald Had a Farm, with ED. They take turns choosing a Mommy animal and choosing a baby which is hidden under the haystack. They try to match the animal noises.  They press the Mommy down (and it makes the animal sound) and then press the haystack down to hear the baby animal sound. It’s kind of like Memory by sound.
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