Flood Destroyed Den/Library

My sister sent this picture of their den/library/study. This area had their computers, a number of tall bookshelves and so forth. The ceiling used to be finished, but this room was fully submerged under the waters; you can see the collapsed ceiling over the top of the other stuff. (The flood waters reached the second story beds, another 5-7 feet above this room.)

My sister said they don’t know yet whether they will gut the house and rebuild or whether they’ll have to bulldoze the entire house and rebuild. But that is a decision that is made for them (by insurance I gather) depending on how sound the structure is after this flood.

Meanwhile, the movers have been here boxing up our things. Today should be the final day and they load the crate with all the boxes, furniture, etc. and start sending it south to Adelaide and then by ship to the US. It has gone smoothly and we’ve been blessed with lots of help from friends.

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