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What’s in Your Cookie? – Free Printable about Where Things Come From

I thought the kids would enjoy talking about where the ingredients in cookies come from. This is something we talked about quite a bit when the kids were younger, but I thought they might enjoy this again.   Eggs, flour, and butter are pretty easy for the kids, but vanilla and baking powder aren’t quite as obvious! The kids bake a lot these days!  🙂  This is free if anyone...


Preschool Activity — Where do things come from?

Where do things come from cards. I also collected bits and pieces to add to the sorting activity (a cotton ball, a toy sheep and cow, thread, yarn, a wool hat, a piece of paper etc) These Montessori Cards come from Montessori for Everyone and are free at: http://www.montessoriforeveryone.com/assets/PDF/Where_Things_Come_From.pdf