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Week in Review (Grade 7, 5, 2)

A lot of the time I write posts focused just on one topic… like the Renaissance sheets I just shared on Wednesday or the comma worksheet I’m going to share next week. But other times, I just want to chit-chat about what’s going on… and that’s what this post is going to be! Homeschooling has been going pretty well lately. We are trying to keep going at a steady pace...


What We’re Up to In Our Homeschool – Curriculum We Use

One thing about homeschoolers is that each family has its own style. Some people have quite a structure/routine to their homeschool; some people unschool and support and follow the passions and interests of their kids. Our days are fairly loose, but we follow fairly traditional subjects. Homeschoolers often fall into different categories… Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Classical, or use online-curriculums. I would say we are eclectic, hands-on homeschoolers — meaning we...


What’s a “Typical” Homeschool Day Like this Year?

We’ve been back to school for about a month, I wanted to share how homeschool life is going.  I love the posts where other homeschoolers share what they aspire to each day — and that’s what this post is.  Not that everything on the list get checked off, but if we were to have an ideal day it might look something like this (this is the list that floats around...