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Air Has Weigh Science Experiment 7

Weather Unit: Experiments about Air

Last week we had a lot of fun with our Weather Unit.  The kids always love when we do science experiments and this part of our unit had a ton of demonstrations. Air has weight: This first activity is pretty self explanatory. We made sure that two balloons balanced. Then we blew up one balloon. It was clear immediately that the blown-up balloon was heavier. Clear or Cloudy Day: The...


Beat the Cold with these Science Experiments about Ice, Blubber and More!

Today many of the public schools are closed because of the incredible cold front that has come sweeping through.  I thought I should share some science experiments we did that might really get kids intrigued about the cold weather! Icebergs: Freeze water in a cottage cheese or large yogurt container. In one of the cartons you can place a wooly mammoth plastic creature if you have one! Have the kids...