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Gelatin Volcano Activity - Hands-On Earth Science Activities 0

Earth Science – Awesome Gelatin Volcano and other Activities

We have two hands-on volcano activities to share with you today; the gelatin activity was especially cool once we realized our mistake!  Both of them help demonstrate how the release of pressure causes lava to flow. We had already spent a lot of time learning about plate tectonics.  Earth’s volcanoes are generally found where Earth’s plates are expanding or converging.  We looked closely at the parts of the volcano and...


Earth Science Activities – Volcanoes (Tissue Paper Volcano Craft)

I am SO excited to start sharing some of our hands-on Earth Science activities again! We did three or four different volcano activities and several fun Earthquake activities that we’ll share with you over the next week or two. And, of course, the long-awaited Earth science packet is just about ready to share as well. This first volcano craft is an idea I first saw over at Our Worldwide Classroom. We...