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Valentines Multiplication Packet – 2s through 10s

This 20-page Valentine’s Day Multiplication Review Packet includes two worksheets for each of the multiplication facts 2s through 10s. Plus, there are also several pages of mixed review problems. As you can see in the picture above, there is a skip-counting maze on each page where students have to skip count in any direction from 2 to 22 (or 9 to 99!). They’ll find more than one row in each...

Skip Counting Worksheets Free Valentines 0

Valentine’s Day Skip Counting Mazes for 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s

A number  of people asked for skip counting mazes of 4s and 6s, so I went ahead and made those for this week! This packet contains 7s mazes total: Free Valentine’s Day Skip Counting Mazes Valentine’s Day Skip Counting, Addition and Subtraction pages: This is the packet I made for my daughter. It is also free. She is just learning multiplication (2s 5s 10s). The packet also includes some addition/subtraction...