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Looking for Valentine’s Resources?

This year I came across a blog that has a wonderful set of Valentine’s resources.  There’s everything from meal planners to preschool and toddler packs; acts of kindness we can do with our kids, coloring sheets, crafts, cards and recipes.  Be sure to go check out Jamerrill’s amazing post over at The Better Mom: Free Valentine’s Day Resources: Last weekend, I shared some of the Valentine’s math sheets and games...

Valentine’s Bump Game Doubling Practice 4

Valentine’s Bump Game — Doubling (Addition)

Doubling Practice – Games and Worksheets I made a Valentine’s Day Bump Game for my daughter who is still learning her addition (doubling) facts.  We worked on these and from there we’ll move on doubling higher numbers 7 through 10s.  After that, we’ll work for a while on “what comes after” and then go on to problems like 6+7. This is a game to practice doubling (1+1, 2+2, etc.).  To...