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How To Start Homeschooling

When parents are thinking about homeschooling, they want to know exactly “how to start.”  That’s such a huge question I’ve actually written a book… or rather, most of a book. It’s about 200 pages and I’m still not quite done!  But I still want to write a shorter blog post to help those parents wondering what to do to get started homeschooling. First things first, make sure you find out...


How and Why Did We Get Started Homeschooling?

As I start off this series, I realize there might be some readers who are fairly new to our blog.  I thought I’d share how we got started homeschooling (and blogging about our adventures). Homeschooling was on our radar even before we had kids. My older sister had kids before we did. They decided to homeschool their kids just about the time we had our son, LD. Also, my cousin...