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Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit - Packet 60+pages 0

Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Packet

What is taxonomy and why do we need to study it?!  Taxonomy is the science of classification.  Our biosphere supports more than 7 million known species and probably 4 or 5 million more unknown species! Taxonomists work on organizing the vast quantity of species.  They are continually updating the classifications to keep up with new research and new discoveries. What is in the Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Packet? Scientific Classification...

Earthquake Vibrations activities 0

Science Club Week 5 – Earthquake Vibrations, Taxonomy (cont.)

This week, we talked about how tensions build deep beneath the Earth and then suddenly release creating earthquake vibrations that move out away from the focus.  Below I’ll share several of the hands-on activities we did as we talked about this build-up of tension (and release of energy).  In the second part of our science club meeting we continued talking about taxonomy and focused on the digestive systems of flatworms...

Layers of the Earth Activity 0

Science Club!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that we really love science! This year we’re doing something a little different.  We opened our home for a weekly science club for some other homeschoolers in our area.  We have 10 kids, the same ages as my kids (who are 9, 11, 14) — and we’ve been having a blast so far! Before I share some of the...