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Skip Counting and Multiplication Practice 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s

ED is just beginning to work on multiplication. She has been practicing skip counting all year, but is only now starting to work on multiplication itself.   I made this bug-themed packet for her for math this week. There are 3 skip counting pages and 5 pages of multiplication practice (using skip counting).  She really liked the bug theme… and that’s perfect as we move into summer, right?! These are currently...

Free Winter Skip Counting Pages 8

Free Winter Skip Counting Pages – 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s

I made another set of skip counting pages for my daughter.  She’s working a lot with the 5s (because she is also working on telling time by 5 minute intervals) so there are a couple of extra pages of those.  The packet is 9 pages total. These are free to download if your child (or student) can use them! Just please link back to this page if you want to...


Skip Counting By 2s Mazes

As I mentioned earlier this week, ED is working on the concept of odds-evens and is practicing skip counting by 2s.  I printed out some mazes for her to practice counting from 2 to 200.  There is a huge selection of mazes over at Print Activities with different themes (such as baseball, pirates, Thanksgiving, etc. etc.). Skip Counting by 2s Mazes You can also find mazes to practice Counting By...