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Science Activity for Kids With Indian Corn Decorations

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have a fun activity for your with your Indian corn.  We did this ‘science’ activity with Indian corn a couple of years ago. Soak your Indian corn cobs in a bit of water to see what will happen.  We had a large tray with a paper towel and about 1/4 inch of water. We also pour water over the cob every 2 or 3...

Lunar Eclipse Tests Parent’s Patience 0

Lunar Eclipse Tests Parent’s Patience

Did you wake your kids up to see the total lunar eclipse the other day? Hubby (my hero!) drove the kids to an open area to see the eclipse. (We live down in the woods and are completely surrounded by trees).  The kids were absolutely amazed! They thought it was spectacular! On the other hand, doing something amazing like well before 5am wasn’t without its consequences…  tired kids… And then...