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Place Value Video Post: Place Value Printables and Pirate Math Packet (Ages 4-6)

One of our most visited posts through the years has been our place value activities. I thought I would put together a video to share how we covered place value in our homeschool (we did these activities regularly when the kids were roughly 4 to 6 years old.  I also have a huge packet of materials (over 100 pages!) that include these hands-on math manipulatives as well as some other...


Free Montessori Style Addition Sheets (And Place Value Activities)

Earlier this year, ED decided she wanted a math workbook just like DD and LD’s books.  We had been playing a lot of games, but according to her, that wasn’t “real math” anymore!  I bought a Spectrum math workbook for her (grade 2). She worked her way through the basic addition problems. Before she goes on to tackle double digit addition and subtraction in that book, though, I wanted her...


First Grade Math (addition/place value)

This post was one I wrote when my son was 6 years old. Now on to this entry… We continue to review/reinforce basic math addition facts. I made this little rocket/planet activity that LD and his friend have enjoyed. We also reviewed place value: We built the number 1783 (which separate into 1000, 700, 80 and 3 and stack on top of one another) Picture (below): I put a few 1000s together...