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Chemistry Unit The Periodic Table Ions Isotopes Bohr Diagrams and more 0

Chemistry Unit – Middle School

New Update to the Chemistry Packet! What’s in this unit? This 150+ page Chemistry Unit helps middle school students understand the periodic table, valence electrons, periods, groups and basic vocabulary such as ions and isotopes. Students are introduced to the structure of the periodic table, Bohr Diagrams, Lewis Diagrams and electron configuration in a fun, hands-on way! What ages is it for? My kids covered this material several different times...


Chemistry Unit: The Periodic Table

This semester we did a new unit on chemistry and focused on the Periodic Table. We typically use secular resources, but I previewed Chemistry 101: An Overview of God’s Chemical World over the summer on the recommendation of a close friend. It is a wonderful resource. I found the video to be really well done (the kids really enjoyed it) and while there were a few references religion (especially in...