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Oregon Trail Notebook Pages and Lapbook 0

Oregon Trail Lapbook and Notebook Pages

Oregon Trail Packet 20+ pages! For the past few weeks, the girls have been doing a unit on the Oregon Trail. They’ve learned why people moved West, when and where pioneers started, how long the journey West took,  what was needed to travel along the Oregon Trail, dangers the pioneers encountered and other basic information about traveling on the Oregon Trail.  They spent about 10 days learning about the Donner...


Oregon Trail Activities (Oregon Trail Worksheets)

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been reading a book about a girl who travels West on the Oregon Trail with a group of other families.  Since we’ve been reading for quite some time now, I thought we could jump right in and play the Oregon Trail File Folder Game I found at File Folder Fun. I asked them a couple of questions to prepare to play the game in another day...