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Pre Algebra Resources We’re Using 2

Pre Algebra Resources We’re Using

This is just a quick post to update you on LD’s Pre Algebra work.  We are really very happy with the Art of Problem Solving: Pre Algebra. We set the timer for twenty minutes each day and LD and I read/go over the book together. I am really impressed with how clearly it explains (and proves) why various math properties work.  I suspect it will take us two years to...


Free Equivalent Fractions Packet

DD is just starting a new unit on fractions.  I used this packet with LD a couple of years ago and brought it back out to go over with DD. It’s 12 pages and you might only find a couple of pages relevant or useful, but I still thought I’d share them here. The picture collage below gives you an idea of what’s in the packet. You can download the Equivalent...


Making Math Fun: 15 Activities & Game to Play with Your Kids!

Now that we’re back in the swing of things, I thought I would post all these ideas again. I shared them originally in my series about “How to Start Homeschooling,” but all of these are fun for seasoned homeschoolers too!! Math can be so fun!  What can you do to make math come alive?  Go into detail about measuring cups when you bake and cook.  Incorporate math in the grocery...