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Hands-On Invertebrate Fun! (Part 2 – Amazing Planarian)

Planarian are a type of small flatworm. My homeschooling friend had some Planarian she had ordered and shared some with us! What a great friend to share her worms! 🙂 Heh heh! Let me first share a picture of these little creatures and then I tell you some really cool things about them!! Planarian are amazing because they have the ability to regenerate! If you cut a Planarian in half...


Hands-on Invertebrate Fun! (Part 1 – Earthworms)

Once we went over the classification of animals (I shared that post and our Montessori Activities here), we got into the exciting hands-on stuff!  We looked at earthworms and a type of flatworm called Planarian. There are some interesting differences in their body systems so we spent time comparing the two. Our first step was to go out to the garden and find ourselves some earthworms.  It was chilly out...