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FREE Homeschool Conference Handouts

Hi! I’m Liesl! It is conference season again and I wanted to share our free conference handouts not only with those who are attending/attended this weekend’s conference, but for my audience in general! I hope you find some helpful resources here! If you attended the homeschool conference, you probably noticed that we have a lot of history and science resources as well as other packets for German, Spanish, math (K-2...

Homeschool Resources 2

Our Homeschool Resources

Finding materials on the Homeschool Den! I wrote this post to help you find some of the pages, posts and homeschool resources within our blog that might be the most useful for you. Over the years, I have made homeschool packets on everything from history and science to spelling, math, spelling and foreign languages (German & Spanish).  And, many of those are free! We have materials from preschool through high...

Facts about homeschooling - How many homeschoolers are there Why do people homeschool What are some of the challenges of homeschooling - Do homeschoolers get into college 0

Facts about Homeschooling – How Many Homeschoolers are There? Do Homeschoolers Get into College? and more!

As people begin to look into homeschooling, they want to find out some basics: How many homeschoolers are there? What are the benefits and challenges of homeschooling?  Will my child be able to  get into college?  How will my kids do if they haven’t been to a formal school? What about socialization? Will they have enough friends? Let’s dig in to some of these common homeschool questions! How many homeschoolers...