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Mid Year Homeschool Assessment Packet - Reflect Evaluate Assess 0

Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment – Evaluate, Reflect on How Things Are Going

I have a new (free!) Mid-Year Homeschool Assessment Packet to share with you today! You might be doing this kind of evaluation and planning over the winter break, but I wanted to share this packet with you sooner than later. This Thanksgiving break, I took the opportunity to really reflect on our homeschool year so far and assess how things are going.  This was a natural time for me to...


5 Things you Can Do This Summer to Get Ready to Homeschool

For many of us it is mid-summer. Homeschooling seems far away still, though we know it’s lurking around the corner. We don’t want to be caught completely unprepared, right? Here are some things that we can do now to make the transition easier when we return: 1) Turn in your Notice of Intent (if your state requires one) – Get this done and turned in so you don’t have to...


Considering Homeschooling Next Year? A Post about Planning Ahead

I got an email from someone a few days ago from someone who said they were in “full blown school panic.”  She is  considering homeschooling next year and is wondering how to start planning. And not only that, she wondered, “How do you even know what to teach?” I thought it was about time to write about planning again… especially as I start looking ahead to next year. How do you decide what...