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Holiday Art Basket: Inspire Your Kids to Be Creative and Crafty

I’ve been falling down on the job… I realized I could create a much more inspiring environment. When the kids were little, we did a lot of Montessori activities. One of the concepts that Maria Montessori emphasized was having a prepared environment. A prepared environment, she believed, supports a child’s natural desire to learn. As the NAMC website put it, in a prepared environment “everything the child came in contact...

Beautiful Star Craft and Other Holiday Crafts 0

Beautiful Star Craft and Other Holiday Crafts

I noticed that people have been viewing some of my holiday posts this weekend. Last year I posted our holiday crafts way too late to be of much use, but wanted to share this beautiful star craft we made last year early enough that you could round up the supplies you need to do this with your kids (toothpicks, gold spray paint). Click here to see the post about how...