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Preschool at Home: Handwriting

ED really enjoys writing…  Here’s a picture of ED writing in her journal from last January. The kids and I made a special trip to Staples for them to pick out their own journals. I offered to write whatever they wanted for them, so they could record things about their day. While I wrote heaps for DD and LD, much to my surprise, ED insisted on writing in her journal...

Handwriting Practice 0

Handwriting Practice

It has been a long time since I’ve written about the kids’ handwriting work.  I started LD off on Handwriting Without Tears “Cursive Handwriting” when he was in first grade. This helped with his tendency to mix up his “b” and “d” letters. His writing is really quite nice now. He actually uses a combination of cursive and printing, but his writing is neat and legible.   DD started Handwriting...