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Free Halloween Math Worksheets 0

Free Halloween Math Worksheets

Halloween is just around the corner! My kids have chosen their costumes and we’ve got our spooky decorations up! I wanted to share some free Halloween-themed math worksheets that might appeal to your kids this next week or! In this post you’ll find different levels of addition & subtraction worksheets as well as multiplication and division pages. In a couple of days, I’m also going to add in some fraction...


Skeleton Math Riddle (Free Math Worksheet for Addition, Multiplication, Division or Numbers)

Here’s a silly math worksheet for you! You probably know this riddle: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?  Have your child figure out the answer using some math facts! I made these in addition, multiplication, division or just with number recognition. These are free to download! 🙂 Skeleton Math Riddle for Addition, Multiplication, Division or Number Recognition Other Free Halloween-Themed Math Worksheets: Free Halloween Multiplication Packet (30 pages of...


Suffering With Cold — oops I mean… Halloween Math Sheets (PreK or K)

Because we’re so busy, I often blog a week or so in advance — then shuffle things around as seems appropriate.  But in a way that’s bad because then I feel like I can’t just chit-chat about our homeschooling because there’s a post with a particular theme… hardly fitting for bantering about bad homeschool days or the house-stuff that hasn’t gotten done. So… I’m going to interrupt my own post...