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German for Beginners: Weihnachtswörter – Christmas Words

Today I have a free printable for those of you who are teaching your kids German – Weihnachtswörter – Christmas Words! These sheets include these words: der Weihnachtsmann der Weihnachtsbaum das Geschenk das Rentier der Schneemann die Schneeflocken die Socke die Kerze die Zuckerstange der Lebkuchen die Glocke der Kamin These are FREE to download! Enjoy! Fröhliche Weihnachten! ~Liesl Weihnachtswörter German Worksheets for Beginners – Christmas You might also be...


German Curriculum for Kids

For German this year, we are going to use a number of resources. If you have followed our blog for a while, you know that we used a lot of free resources to build up their basic skills… numbers, colors, animals, basic greetings, etc. You’ll find links to those at the bottom of this post. This year, we will be buckling down a bit more.  Just so you know, I...


German Family Vocabulary Practice — die Familie

die Familie The kids have been having a lot of fun building their German vocabulary for family terms such as father, mother, son, daughter, grandma, boy, girl, etc. etc.  The kids learned (reviewed) some of the terms such as die Familie (the family) das  Mädchen (the girl) der Junge (the boy) die Tante (the aunt) der Onkel (the uncle) die Tochter (the daughter) der Sohn (the son) die Schwester (the sister), etc. etc....