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Holiday Math Review - 6th to 8th grade Free Printables 0

6-8th Grade Math Review – Free Holiday Printables

Today we have some free Holiday Math Review Pages (for roughly grades 6-8 or so). There are practice pages on fractions, decimals, percents and some basic pre-Algebra. The pre-Algebra practice problems include exponents like this 5×2 + 7 + 7×2 + -3 + 8x = or 7a9  . 5 . 2a5 . 3a = Be sure to scroll down for some of our other free math printables! Hope these are...


PreAlgebra: Order of Operations Cards

Later today, I will be sharing an active, outdoor math game that the kids played last week.  I needed a set of Pre-Algebra type problems that had certain answers so that LD could play an active math fact game with the girls.  More about the game in a few hours (and I’ll link to it), but in this particular post I wanted to share the Order of Operations cards printable. ...