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Christmas Addition – Subtraction Worksheets (Minecraft, Pete the Cat, etc!)

Today I wanted to share some of the free Christmas-themed addition and subtraction materials I’ve made for the kids over the years. Here are some basic addition worksheets. These are for kids still working on their basic addition facts: Christmas Pets Addition Practice Worksheets Last year, my kids were especially wild about Minecraft.  ED asked for some Christmas Creeper practice pages… It seemed easy enough to make, so I made...

Minecraft Themed Addition Pages 1

Minecraft Themed Addition Pages

Are you looking for Minecraft themed addition or subtraction worksheets?  My daughter absolutely loves Minecraft so earlier this summer I spent some time doodling on the computer and made a few characters she would enjoy!  I thought I’d share these addition pages with you today. As always, they are free to download, just click on the link or picture below: Minecraft Addition Worksheets If you use these, ED would love...