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Free Easter Games: Word Family Game for -at -it -ot, Egg Races Math Game

Today I have two free printable Easter games for you. One is a Word Family Game for -at -it -ot words. The other is a math game for practicing number recognition, addition, subtraction or division. Egg Races Math Game: The first is a math game that you can adapt for any math practice as long as the answer is between 4 and 9 — number recognition, addition, subtraction or division. Print out...


Free Easter Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Although a lot of the schools around us are having spring break, we have a family vacation coming up in another month so we’re homeschooling this week.  Over the weekend, I made some multiplication and division pages for DD and LD to practice their math facts. You can download this free by clicking on the link below. There are 3 pages. Free Easter Themed – Multiplication and Division LD is...