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Math: Fractions Unit (Day 2) 2

Math: Fractions Unit (Day 2)

We’ve been using the fraction chart and a pencil a lot to look at equivalent fractions.  I have the kids line up the pencil on 1/2  and then ask them what some equivalent fractions are. We also have spent a lot of time building equivalent fractions with our manipulatives.  Again the  fraction table pictured below is from Right Start math (a math curriculum that uses Montessori concepts and hands-on math manipulatives and games),...

Math: Fractions Unit (Day 1) 0

Math: Fractions Unit (Day 1)

About ten days ago we started a new fractions unit in math.  I did these activities and games with both LD (age 8) and DD (age 6).  We did these activities at the beginning of our math time and then the kids went on to do their daily work in their math workbooks.   The kids’ math workbooks both have a chapter on fractions, but I wanted to go a...