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Egg-Speriment Packet - Free Egg Experiments for Kids 12

EggSperiment: Brush Your… errr… Egg (Part 4 of 4) and the Free Printable EggSperiment Pack

This activity helps kids understand how very important it is to brush your teeth every day! For this activity we chose coke, grape soda (we didn’t have any grape juice) and coffee. You can use any beverage that you think will stain your teeth.  The kids each selected two drinks and we let the eggs soak for several hours.   As the kids “brushed” their eggs, they were amazed at...


3 More Quick EggSperiments: How Strong Is That Egg? (Part 2 of 4)

EggSperiment 1: Why do eggs move the way they do? Have the kids roll an egg around on a table. Talk about why they are shaped the way they are.  Because eggs are a funny and oblong shape, they roll and wobble around in a certain way. Eggs wobble when they roll so they won’t go far from a mother hen and they will stay inside of a nest.  If eggs...


Engineering Challenge: Week 5 Parachute Challenge

  The Parachute Challenge! I supplied the kids with cups, yarn, tape, plastic bags, scissors, and a hole puncher. Their challenge was build a parachute that could safely transport objects down from a 12 foot drop.   They got busy building and testing their parachutes out with coins. Then they were ready for the big test — a long drop with raw eggs. Our Results? I’m happy to report all...