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My Debilitating Medical Problems and Crazy Symptoms 4

My Debilitating Medical Problems and Crazy Symptoms

This note made me choke up the other day. ED brought it along with breakfast one morning when I had fallen back asleep on the couch: This blog has been an incredible outlet for me the past couple of months because I have had some debilitating medical problems — all ear related.  I’ve really tried not to pour out my woes too much on the blog, but life has been...


Good News; Bad News with My Surgery

Just a quick update about my ear surgery on Monday.  How’s this for a new fashion look?! The good news was that my doctor was able to remove all the bone filler (which I seemed to be having an allergic reaction to from the surgery in October).  Unfortunately, the bad news was that once he got into the inner ear area it looked so bad that my doctor simply wasn’t...